So, what’s my main key to all my outfits? Chic and Comfort. I have this floral skirt that I hadn’t worn before. Hanging in my closet, all alone, begging me to put it on. And then I remembered there was this Pull Neck Top that would totally compliment it.

And Voila! The red Pull Neck did it justice.

Then I paired it with my nude heels, to tone down the outfit, allowing the red Pull Neck and Floral Skirt to POP OUT!

What do you think, guys? How would you have pulled off this Pull neck? ?ย See what I did there?


Hi, I'm Paula, and this is my Fashion and Style Diary :)


  1. wooooow..congratulations.i have been waiting for this for too long.its here

  2. oh my, this is crazy gooood! i would totally rock that entire outfit… and that last pic,the face is gorgeously insane!

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