I’m a lover of black outfits just like Whoopi Goldberg, but I’ll be frank, when I was putting out this outfit my aim wasn’t to reflect Whoopi Goldberg, but rather, I was gearing more towards beating the odds of a lady wearing a Nigerian-themed Aso Oke cap, while being bad ass with my black lipstick.

After the shoot my photos ended up channeling to the bad ass Whoopi Goldberg… Especially the sunglasses, which put a lot of emphasis on that.

I really enjoyed putting out this outfit together since the outfit itself is made up of all key staples in a lady’s closet… excluding the long vest which is a variable, however it being black makes it swing towards the staple lane too.

The all black outfit was easy to accessorize, hence the Aso Oke Cap and the chunky necklace (my fave) I just can’t get enough of it, I mean, it just expresses everything you want to say about your outfit

I ensembled the outfit with my pair of loafers, which are old school but elegant and still effortless.


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