Perched???? And all you can think of is your favourite drink to quench it, be it a soda,beer,water, which  I will go with because it serves the purpose of quenching my thirst and it does wonders to my skin.Enough of the illustration but that’s how I quench my black outfit with my olive green trench coat . I love black a lot but sometimes I want to pop out and add something bright to it.

When I thrifted my trench coat, reselling it was on my mind but then, I thought why not keep it since its very light hence I can wear it during the bipolar weather days (which we are having lots of them nowadays), and that’s how it ended up in my closet.

I added some flair to the outfit with my vintage scarf,my fav scarf actually which is also very light  and can be worn in all seasons as an accessory.

And my booties didn’t fail with the completion of the outfit, very comfortable by the way, I can wear them all day even on a busy day of running errands  and good for the wet season too.

How else do you think you can quench your all black outfit? Please leave your comments below.



  1. I always quench mine with a colored head wrap… And bold earrings..

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