When you think of shopping what comes to your mind? Money. And have you ever thought of thrifting? Since as the name suggests, money won’t be a problem because you’ll only need a fraction of what you would spend in a departmental store.

“Thrifting????” Crowded markets, endless searching and possibly muddy roads even when it’s not in the rainy season… That’s how many people view thrifting; as for me I view it as an adventure and all the treasures that I will unveil by rummaging through the pile of clothes… It’s so captivating and thrilling.

Here are 6 reasons why thrifting should be an adventure and you should be a thrifter:

1. Quality

Most of the thrifted finds are of high quality. I believe everyone who has been to a thrift shop and a boutique can attest to this. The reason behind this is the fact that the item from the thrift shop has stood the test of time and still standing strong, whereas the new item from the boutique has been manufactured from mass production for the fast passing fashion trends. Need I say more? ?

2. Money saving

Thrifting has some good deals,where you can find designer pieces that go for almost a quarter the price that they go for when new. How awesome is that! ?

3. Unique pieces

Earlier on I had mentioned treasures, I refer to my unique pieces as treasures, since they do really fit the definition.I really get awesome unique pieces at a fair price. When I put it on, questions of where I got it from, how much it was and where I do shopping never cease, because it’s cool and looks unique every single time I put it on.

4. Collection creation

Do you have a liking for vintage things? Thrifting should be your way of living. It’s where you will find all sorts if things from miniatures to cook ware.

5. Recycling

Whenever you thrift you have taken care of the environment, it’s a song that has been sung worldwide, let’s protect the environment for our future generations.

6. Promoting the locals

People working in the thrift markets are earning a living,so when you thrift you are technically putting someone’s food on the table and educating their children.lets support each other, for the growth of our economy.

Photo Credits: Andrew Njoroge / www.mumsvillage.com
7. Networking

Yes I just said networking, since a thrift market is for all, you never know who you will meet in it,it could be a future business partner or even your future partner in crime (in shopping), who wouldn’t want a best friend that has shopping/ thrifting as their favourite thing to do? ?

8. The Adventure

Last but not least, there’s nothing as fulfilling as going through a few hurdles and ending up garnering up treasures for your closet,pieces that will end up changing the face of your closet forever, that’s what thrifting does for you.

Plus it’s fun, you go to the market having a list of what you want but you end up getting more exciting things that were not on your list.

As a personal Shopper I know thrifting sometimes can be hard especially if you haven’t been to any thrift market and you don’t know where to start; feel free to Contact Me, I can take you through the adventurous journey. ☺

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