Its been COLD lately and we need to cover up lest we get a cold or even  worse pneumonia.
Covering up doesn’t need to be all boring, nowadays when thrifting for the cold season, I tend to look for artistic pieces that are warm and which are also easy to pair.
In this post am featuring my all black outfit with my simple camel cloak.

I enjoyed this shoot mucho..hence the big smile, also when the weather gives you cold ,smile it off!

My cloak is an outstanding piece on its own,which actually complements my all black hence no much need of accessorizing.  when I thrifted the cloak it was a bit bare and it would slide off my shoulders with time, so I sewed  the two black buttons on each side and added a chain that would help put the cloak in place and not slide off as it did before. This made the cloak a little bit sophisticated and also easy to manoeuvre around with it.

What I  love most about my cloak is actually the color, the camel color makes it look expensive hence my outfit too, when I actually only spent less than 10 dollars for it. Looking expensive doesn’t need you to rob a bank, you should just be keen on the pieces you pick,the simpler they are the more sophisticated and expensive they look.I believe no one wants to look tacky.


Am walking away from the boring warm clothes, in my cloak like wonder woman. 😉

What’s your favorite cover up during this cold season?



  1. The creativity on the cloak using the buttons and a chain takes the cloak to a whole new level.👏👏👏..keep it up!!

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