On this post I’ll be focusing on What-to-Always-Have in your wardrobe since they work for all occasions.

I prefer my staples been either black or white since they are key components of a wardrobe… hence I can easily match them with variable components like prints or even stripes. The staples I have mentioned are very simple but they form the foundation of a well put wardrobe. If you have them in your wardrobe you will never have to wonder what to wear because they’ll go well with everything, be it dressing up or down.

NB: This is a TWO-PART post. Find the link to the 2nd Part at the end of this post 🙂

1. Black blazer.

A black blazer comes in very handy since it can be paired with a lot of outfits, from formal ones to the most casual ones. I think investing in one that is from a good label really serves. I bought my black blaze back in my second year university and I still have it till now. I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

I am really a blazer-kinda-chic, which makes me get several others in different colors and prints, but still I always end up picking my black blazer. One more thing I like about my black blazer is the fact that it really transforms a normal outfit to an outstanding outfit. It makes one look sharp, and who doesn’t want to look sharp!?

Leather jacket

This totally defines versatility, in a dress, pants, skirt; for a weekend wear, when going out with friends. A leather jacket will never disappoint you, like ever!! I prefer it black (my love for black) since you can totally pair it with almost everything in your wardrobe. You can also get it in different colors, depending on your preference.

When shopping for a leather jacket, be keen on the texture, since most of the times a leather/faux leather is always passed for genuine leather which always end up disappointing.

It starts to peel off after a few months, and you start wondering what’s happening to your leather jacket. What’s actually happening is that, that it was not real leather but faux leather and they actually tend to be cheaper than genuine leather… Remember cheap is expensive! Always choose quality over quantity, be it from a thrift market or a boutique.

White Shirt.

My oh my! Ever wondered what to wear and nothing comes to mind, then you look through your closet and there’s that crispy white shirt and you quickly pick it up, because its easy to put up an outfit together?

That’s really what my white shirt does to me. I never used to really value it a while ago but now I cant stand having it dirty even for a day… It’s my saviour. I can pair it with almost everything, from my formal pencil skirts to my casual ragged jeans.

Fitting tee

Another basic in my wardrobe. It’s quite essential when you really want a simple outfit, plus it’s easy to play around with the tee, by folding either in the middle,or the sides if you want to pimp it or dress it up. As all my basic staples are, it can be worn with everything, from a blazer, sweater, skirts or even pants. I prefer it being a plain neutral color, which makes it easier to pair. It can be a crew neck or even a v-neck depending on what you like.

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