Hey guys 🙂 Welcome to 2nd part of my wardrobe staples. I’ll be focusing on What-to-Always-Have in your wardrobe since they work for all occasions.

This is the 2nd part of the ‘Laying Foundation: Wardrobe Staples’ post. if you haven’t read Part 1 yet, then you may miss some key points. Here’s Part 1.

**Continued from Part 1**

Pencil skirt:

Got a call for an interview and don’t know what to wear? Or you have this Serious business meeting and you can’t figure out an outfit?
Worry not! The pencil skirt serves that purpose and should always be stand by in your wardrobe for such occasions.

Myself, I do have a black one which is specifically for my interviews which I pair with either a blazer for a dressed up look or with just a shirt especially during the hot season.I can also dress it down for a casual look by pairing it with a tee or a camisole. Most people consider a pencil skirt so formal, but have you ever tried pairing it with just a basic tee and sneakers…. Its just amazing. If you haven’t tried it, this should be your cue to try it! Let me know how it goes.


I believe everyone owns a pair of denim jeans, since they come in handy in so many occasions. You can run errands with them, for a get together with your friends in them, for a casual meeting as well. The beauty of denim is the fact that you may dress it down in a simple tee and or dress it up in a a very sleek camisole and heels.

When shopping for a denim, there are many factors to consider like the fit, length and the design. For the fit  most people end up picking either too Small or too large, hence not bringing the effect one wanted. If its too small all your goodies end up being squeezed and looking flat and also at the fly area, your pants dont go up.

During denim shopping always check out for the fly area, if there’s a bit of space and creases then it’s large and if its too tight the pants don’t go all the way as supposed to be the pants are small.

Design of the jeans depends on one’s body shape. We are all different and we should embrace our body shapes. When you do embrace it, its really easy to do shopping and  its even fun because you know what really does you justice and vice versa.

Little Black Dress (LBD)

Every girl’s wardrobe should not be missing one. Its the most versatile piece in this world, one can wear it to work,party,dinner; all depending on how you accessorize it.You can throw on a scatf,a belt, a neckpiece or even a blazer or sweater. Playing around with it,tranforms it to almost one not identifying it as the same dress; How amazing is that?!
And also when it comes to shoes you can pair it with any from sneakers to heels or even sandals.Owning the LBD never disappoints at all,one can also invest in more than one piece but now with different designs.


I prefer my wardrobe staples been very simple and comfortable but when styling them,they end up been chíc.

I hope this helps anyone who wants a wardrobe change and doesn’t know what and where to start from.The staples above are easy to get especially from thrift markets e.g. Toi market, Gikomba.

If you are having trouble doing a wardrobe change or getting the staples, you can contact for help.☺ Lay your wardrobe foundation well!!!

NB: Like I told you earlier before, this is a TWO-PART post. Check out Part 1.

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