This year’s theme was “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s My 4th time attending it, and so far I relish this and last year’s, coz I really enjoyed dressing up for both. I take my pleasure to dress very lady like and elegant to try to fit in the era of the classic cars.

The fashion in the event is always on point, hence a learning opportunity for me, so end up killing two birds with one stone by appreciating the fashion and the vintage cars. It’s always an adrenaline filled event with the awe of the amazing vintage cars, quite breath taking and this is what has always made to never miss  the event.

Too excited to pose beside the VW van, that I held my bag the wrong way
My bra didn’t miss any action too

The best part of Concours d’Elegance for me is I always get to see some good old bikes, I just cant get enough of them. The bike models are all different and unique in their own ways and when the event closes after the winners of the best vintage cars and bike are awarded, all the bikers ride in a single file, as a band from Starehe Boys Centre marches along instrumental music

It’s quite an amazing sight which closes down the ceremony.

I normally leave after the closure of the ceremony but this time round I decided to stay for Nyashinski ‘s performance which was LIT!!

Outfit details:

  • Top tailor made: Nedian Clothing (IG)
  • Sunhat, skirt, shoes and bag: Gikomba & Toi market
  • I added the scarf detail to the bag to march with the sunhat.

What do you think of the outfit?? Please leave your comments below. I would really love to hear from you…… CHEERS!


  1. Very stylish
    Very poise
    Its trully fashion and everting in-between

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