When you are used to a smooth face and acne has never been a major issue, even though its prone to the family.. That was my story until a few months ago my face just broke out and the acne was quite painful… I turned to you tube to see if I could get a remedy.. Nothing worked out for me and its like they even worsened. I knew the only option I had was to go to a dermatologist but I had my reservations, I had so many what ifs.. What if the medicine is too harsh or the chemicals affect me or what if am prescribed for the wrong medicine. I was really struggling and used to keep to myself…I was afraid if I get out of the house I would bump to people I know, who would end up asking questions like, what happened to your face,? Have you been to the doctor? What have you been applying to your face?

So I decided to go back to my African roots for a natural remedy which has worked wonders on my face, below are the results.

Before & After

Face remedy

  • Washing my face twice a day with a fresh swab of cotton wool,quite smooth on the face with cold water and sunlight soap.
  • Patting my face dry with a clean napkin,it helps show how clean your face is or if you are not in a hurry you can air dry it.
  • Applying aloe vera gel, 100% natural from the aloe cutting as a toner. I normally slice it into halves to get the gel inside then directly apply it on the face.
  • I later apply extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer.
    And am good to go since I don’t do makeup daily apart from some lipstick…
    Can’t do without it
bare face
  • Below are some of the benefits of my all  natural remedy;
    Olive oil
    It enhances skin exfoliation
    It doesn’t clog pores
    Antioxidant protection: It contains 3 major antioxidants; phytosterols, polyphenols and Vitamin E,which accounts for anti aging of the skin.
    Eye make up remover
    NB:make sure you get original extra virgin oil,the one for cooking…its more than a salad dressing!!
currenty using this brand

Aloe vera
It stimulates the skin to new cell growth
It’s a natural anti oxidant as well
It absorbs excess oil  which is a cause of skin pores clogging
It cleans up and clears out pores of dirt sebum and dead skin cells.
NB: one can store it in the open for 45 days as long as the spines face up,it can also be blended and kept in the fridge even though it stays fresh for less days than when stored in the open.

the precious part of the aloe vera

Don’t forget to drink lots of water especially when you wake up in the morning. I have been using this remedy for almost 5 months now and its doing wonders to my face.
My last cue be patient, it pays and don’t use so many remedies at once so that you can know what works on your face and what doesn’t.

What remedy works for you? please feel free to comment below;)


  1. Carol Kena Reply

    For how long have you used the aloe vera and extra virgin oil?

  2. Carol Kena Reply

    For how long have you used the aloe vera and extra virgin oil?

  3. I have started breaking out. The article came at the right time

  4. lucy muhando Reply

    I am a living example of what you went through, I started using different face creams and soaps but then it got worse,so my grandma told me to use kamua ngombe(for milking cows) and it did wonders.since then kamua has been my moisturizer.

    • Hi Lucy it’s amazing how our common supplies work best for us… So glad you got something that worked for you😃

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