Happy Holidays, let’s take some of our time and relax this festive season by going for swimming or even better to the beach. It’s been a long  year and we deserve some fun by leaving the normal hustle and bustle of our lives and reflect more of what we want in the coming year  which is a few days away and above all to thank the Almighty for how far He has brought us.

So while we are at it, how about some few staples for the holidays;
bikinis/swimsuits,flip-flops, sunhat, sunglasses, light clothes like linens,play suits,  maxi/short dresses. 
For my outfit which was beside an infinity pool, I chose my Polka-dot play suit which I paired it with my Burgundy sunhat and my Puma flip flops and my fave sunglasses.
I have had this play suit for a while, always skeptical about wearing it coz of how short it is but for relaxing it really serves the purpose considering how light it is.My favorite part of it all is the cutout in the back it adds more sophistication to the look.
It’s all About simplicity during relax mode so don’t try too much by overdressing, just let loose and have fun and lots of it… We sure need  it!!

let loose, have fun and don’t forget to be safe;



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