Anyone who knows me well knows that Black Henna is always my to go to nail polish, One reason being It lasts longer, and the second being It allows me to do Art on top of it. I don’t like it just being black and having nothing more to it.

I recently tried something for a change…. a little girly nail artistry at Mystique Nail Parlor, and my ooh my, I did love their services!

First thing… I really love how Clean and Neat the place was.

This is always my number one thing to check when I’m visiting a beauty parlor. Mystique Nail Parlor is not only clean, they always use a fresh change of clean white towels for every process and sterilize their tools with surgical spirit.

Their neatness is to die for too. The way the technician arranged his mani pedi set on the table, meant that there was no confusion of searching for his tools, hence the service was fast enough… The beauty of having everything in sight and well-organized.

They did the basic steps of a manicure process but my best part was the massage that comes after cleaning your hands, preparing for application of the nail polish.

This is how much I was enjoying my massage ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well selected brands of Nail Polish Shades

Mystique Nail Parlor has a wide variety of nail polish shades to choose from. You can choose to either do Gel (Bluesky) or the normal polish which is Luron, a good quality brand known to last longer compared to other brands in the market.

This time I chose to go nude for my nails. We decided to play with it a little bit so as to ensure the polish is not all nude.


Ken, the technician, has mastered nail artistry. If you don’t like plain Jane nails you can always ask him to pimp them a bit. My nails may have never been this girly before, but I really loved the end result.

Toe-time! They got me to do something different, and surprisingly, loved the results!

For my toe nails I wanted red since am a red toe chic anytime. But Ken, knowing better, recommended I try something different for a change, He chose a certain green which surprisinglyย  came out really nice. I don’t change my choice of nail polish often because I’m a bit conserved when it comes to trying out new colors. This time though, Mystique Nail Parlor got me out of my cocoon. I did something new, and I loved it!

Here comes the selling point…

Last but not least, the best-selling point …… you can always have wine during the process! And every Friday they have a happy hour! What a refreshing way to start your weekend at Mystique Nail Parlor… with a fresh mani-pedi and lots of wine!ย ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿฅ‚ย ๐Ÿท

Cheers, and see you on Friday!

Don’t just drool over my nails! Go get yours done at Mystique Nail Parlor.


Mystique Nail Parlor is located at Kahawa Sukari, off Thika road, Nairobi. You can find them on Instagram @mystique_nails_n_massage


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