And God said, “let there be color…” this from day one to sixth of creation. From the yellow and white lights of the first and fourth days to the blue skies and green vegetation of the second and third days. God was out splashing color all around us. Have you seen the array of colors in birds straight out of the fifth day? Think Lilac breasted rollers of Kenya, the Macaws and the toco  toucans of Brazil. Color was authored in God’s mind before I wore this outfit. Musicians have sang about color. So yeah this is a heavenly match… Lets talk color……For this shoot I just wanted color and  many things going on, so K1 flea market was  perfect for the location.The outfit was two in one, am such a fan of layering it brings more to an outfit. I love the versatility of clothes and nowadays that’s what I look for before I buy something.This see through cover up was a tutu skirt which I decided to remove the black lining inside for me to be wearing it as a layer so as to add more to the outfit.

I know how to ride a bicycle but I had to pose beside it;)

the multicolored dress is quite pretty on its own too but I decided to layer it with the tutu to add a little flare to it.

I try to think out of the box every time I put an outfit together so as to make it unique and more interesting.
What’s your to go to hack for flaring your outfit? please feel free to share in the comments


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