Over-sized blazers have been trending lately  and they totally transform an outfit but sometimes you end up tucking them in the bottom of your closet and forgetting about them so actually that’s what I did with mine. Awhile back I had this event  that I was attending and  I decided not to get anything new but to shop from my closet and my over sized blazer was the fist thing that came to mind but I didn’t find the blazer flattering enough for my tiny frame so I decided to tweak a few things on it.I placed the two sleeves of the blazer behind and tied a knot, then took the two hanging sides of the knot and arranged for them to look like a bow and used safety pins  to secure it from the inside of the blazer .

you notice the bow,huh?!

It become more of a cape than a blazer which totally complimented the rest of my outfit.so you just lay it on your shoulders and you are good to go.Speaking of shopping from my closet the black strappy top and the pair of shorts were all things that I had but hadn’t put them on, as for the shoes I had only worn them once but they totally came through.Shopping from your closet is somethimg that we should all try especially if you have a short notice occassion and you have no time to get something new or your budget doesn’t allow you to.

Nothing makes me feel contented than creating something new from something old, I totally loved the way the over-sized blazer transformed.

I would really love to get your feedback on the above ,please feel free to comment below and don’t forget to share. Have a blessed 2018!!!




  1. Diana Tuei Reply

    Eishh i love the looking. Going to look for an oversize blazer today haha. Nice post, keep them coming

  2. Kabando wa Kabando Reply

    Great things I see here. You will go far with this. I stumbled across this page. Romp of color young girl. All the best in what you do.
    God bless.

  3. That’s so innovative pal..I so love the transformation and the idea behind it.I love the whole look on you,so gorgeous looking

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