I always get asked where I get my outfits from, and I believe you can all guess it’s from thrifting. So for this post, I have decided to highlight some affordable places where you can get some really cool clothes. The trick is all about having a good eye and being creative when it comes to putting up outfits.

1) Custom-Made

Nothing feels as good as wearing a custom-made piece… It feels so unique. The best part is that a custom outfit is specifically made to suit your needs, meaning that you won’t need additional alterations like the way most of us do with the ready-made clothes we buy.

Tailor-made outfits are not as dear as most people think since you get to be your own designer by telling the tailor how you want the outfit done. But they’re very affordable because you just need a great tailor to implement your own ideas which depict your creativity skills.

  • Nedian Clothing are my go-to tailors. Check them out on their Instagram or Facebook
A tailor-made dress and neck piece… See Original Post

2) Online Thrift Shops

I have recently come to appreciate the many online shops on social media platforms. At first, I was skeptical about them, mostly because I thought that the pieces they feature are probably not what they offer. But I decided to take chances with them and I can’t say I have been disappointed so far.

  • I shop a lot on Instagram, and some of my favorite online thrift shops are Nessa Fashions, and Thee Thriftshop from whom I have bought many attires.

I think online thrifting is the most affordable and less tedious thrift shopping ever. You just need to turn your notifications on and wait for alerts when new stock is updated. Not to forget that once payment is done, they’ll go ahead and have your items delivered to your doorstep… isn’t that amazing? Nessa Fashion’s price range is between KSH 200 to KSH 1500

online shopping
A top from an online shop… See original post

3) Toi Market / Adam’s Arcade

Toi Market is covered from Kibera side to Toi Primary school and this is where things are quite affordable and has a huge variety of selections The price range is between KSH 20 to KSH 500.

  • What I love about Toi Market is the fact that it’s less complicated maneuvering through the market as compared to Gikomba, plus you don’t have to wake up so early to get nice stuff. But you all know the early bird catches the worm, right?

Adam’s Arcade is located as from Toi Primary School going towards Ngong road. It’s a bit pricey when compared to Toi Market, but it boasts the ‘camera’ selection, meaning selected the best of the best second-hand clothes. Their price range is between KSH 200 to 2000.

Toi market
A Bag and Mules I got from Toi. I added a scarf to accessorize….  See original post
4) Gikomba Market

The infamous Gikomba Market is the biggest, most known, and arguably, the most affordable thrift market in Kenya. Which means that you can easily get lost, if you don’t know your way around it.

  • Pretty much Everything – My love for Gikomba is the fact that you can get everything here in a one day swoop. All you need is the dedication to wake up early and the effort to walk around without tiring. It’s easy to give up if you don’t have the resilience of getting lost and at times not finding what you want. I once wrote in one of my articles, that thrifting requires an open mind. Don’t be too close-minded or you will end up disappointed.
  • Be Early – If you want a successful shopping experience in Gikomba then you need to be there early. The early bird catches the worm, or in this case, the best selection 😉
  • Dress for the Occasion, Dress Down – It’s always muddy in Gikomba even when it’s not rainy so get proper shoes. Don’t dress to impress lest you want to pay more and make sure your haggling skills are ‘woke’ that day 🤣🤣
  • Price Range – Between KSH 20 and KSH 2000

Need Help? I know that Gikomba Market isn’t the ideal shopping experience that most people prefer. However, if you want professional help, then I’m here to help. I’m a Personal Shopper and I can help you with your Personal Shopping Experience. Learn More – Contact Me

A Red pull-neck from Gikomba… See original post

5) Rural Thrift Markets

Rural thrift markets? Ooh yeah. They are the best shopping places, with the most hidden treasures, at very affordable prices. Fueled by the fact that sellers don’t really know what they are selling, meaning that most of the time they don’t know what’s trending out there. At most times they go as low as KSH 30.

So the next time you are going to your Grandma’s make sure you visit that local market. You may never know what you may stumble upon 😉

local market
Red Top from my Local Market… See original post

6) Stalls

Walk around outside and what do you see? Stalls everywhere. There are so many nowadays and they have a variety of clothes. Prices vary depending on their locations. Just pop inside, have a look and ask for prices. You don’t know, you might be so lucky to find really good pieces at very low prices.

A houndstooth skirt I got from a stall along Thika road… See original post

I just named a few of the places that have had a shopping experience. These are not the only thrift places that you can go to. There are others thrifting places like Mtindwa, Muthurwa, etc. You can go to any other place that you feel you are comfortable with.

Need Help? I’m a Personal Shopper 😊

If you are not comfortable thrifting by yourself and you would like professional shopping assistance, then I can be of help. I can help you with

  • Choosing the right clothes for your body type.
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe of the shopping.
  • Getting the best prices.
  • Company throughout out the shopping tour.

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I hope this gives you a guide to some of the affordable places to shop in Nairobi. If you know of other places then let me and my readers know of them. Leave a comment below on other thrift places that you have enjoyed your shopping experience. I would really love to explore more 🙂



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