Small Details Maketh an Outfit… In this post I try to highlight most of the details in my ensemble and how they inspire me when deciding on what to wear. First and foremost, there is something about scarves that I can’t get enough of lately.

‘Scarfing’ it

Ever heard of the phrase “Before leaving the house to grab something?” I bet you can all guess what I always end up taking… I love a scarf’s versatility for you can use it to spruce up your outfit in so many ways. From tying it around your neck, tying it to your bag or even using it as a headscarf.

A good example is the outfit below. Alone the outfit does go well, add in the scarf and the transformation goes real.

I love the color of this halter dress. It makes it easy to play around with since it can be both worn casually or corporate.

For the casual or corporate look

For this ensemble I was going for more of a Parisienne laid back look (mostly because of the scarf) and I ended up liking it way more than I expected. It actually added a kind of a corporate vibe to the attire, breaking the monotony of the basic plain shirt and skirt for the corporate look.

The halter neck adds in a playful and trendy vibe,  whereas the plain white shirt tones it down to a more serious look for the corporate world.

Glasses have a serious effect on the face… I think

The dress can be worn casually by pairing it with a tee or even a bandeau, and a nice pair of sneakers. I declare it a winner for both work and play.

Meet the Brooch to my Collar 😉

I had so many ideas for this outfit but I decided to play with just two of them. After I removed the scarf I ended up putting a brooch on my collar, so as to spice up the basic white shirt, which itself is a wardrobe staple.

Remember, it’s all in the details
Once again, all in the details 😊


I hope this post inspires you on how small details can create a massive effect to simple outfit ensembles. Like always, I would really love to hear from you what you like about it.

Feel free share the post, and comment below on the what small detail you cant leave the house without… CHEERS!! 

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