Has Adulthood  really changed your life, huh?! No more eating food without counting the calories in it. No more partying throughout the weekend because Monday is literally waiting for you to put on your adult pants and go to work, huh?!

My belief is that most of us have been through this and you know what? Sometimes it doesn’t have to be that serious. 

With all the adulting going on, I decided to pull off this ‘almost school girl’ look. Once I compiled the whole outfit, I felt like I was in the Sarafina movie. Nostalgia, anyone?

If only I could fly 😊
If only I could fly 😊

When I got this dress I knew straight away that it would definitely make it to my blog. And as I was still shopping I imagined how I would pair it with stockings (I don’t like stockings that much though), a sling bag and some old school shoes… which I ended up getting. In my mind I was envisioning a conservative look.

Well, if I can't fly, then I can channel my inner lifeguard
Well, if I can’t fly, then I can channel my inner lifeguard

I was looking forward to the shoot day but  a day before the shoot day I decided to just pair the beret with the dress and I totally loved the outcome! I hope you do too.

The outfit made me feel like a little mischievous school girl… all my adulting problems were put on a hold as soon as I put on that outfit. I think whenever I’ll be overwhelmed with adulting and need a break this dress might help me with that.LOL!

Arms akimbo 😂
Arms akimbo 😂
No? Okay. Give them...
No? Okay. Let loose…

This look has a tinge of some vintage vibe coz I feel have seen pictures in the 80’s where ladies wore such A-line fitted short dresses.

Class is over... hello playtime
Class is over… hello playtime
Playtime... extended
Playtime… extended

Adulting is part of life, but sometimes I feel like we go overboard about it, which ends up making one feel overwhelmed especially for young adults.Taking a break helps, so if it takes a pretty dress to unwind like me, Do it!

How often do you feel overwhelmed and what do you do to unwind? Please comment below. Your answer might help someone out too.

Cheers 🙂


  1. Irene Msesh Reply

    I listen to some serious feel good music, dance my ass off and sing offkey (I dunno anyone who sings well wit earphones plugged in) hahaha….oh, and chocolate too…always go for the chocolate :)(:

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