A year ago, a time like this, I was about to launch this baby having worked on it on and off for months. Which by itself was a bit challenging. I was afraid of the outcome and I also cared a lot about what people’s feedback would be. But, hey, I conquered all that and I’m proud to say that nowadays when I Interact with people I don’t hesitate to talk about my blog.

I’m so happy with what ‘A Thrifter’s Diary’ (not just as a blog, but also as a brand) has brought me …the gift and freedom to explore my creativity.
  • It has helped me to always think out of the box and come up with unconventional ideas that actually work out of the best.
  • It has given me the courage to enjoy dressing up without caring what people will think about my outfit.

A while back as I was discovering my style, I was always scared when I created something. I thought that people would know what I did and make fun of me since I didn’t buy it from a store… I know this sounds corny but yeah that’s what I had in my mind. And now as I look back, I’m proud of what I see… my overthinking has been chanelled to positive creations.

Fashion and Style is one of the few things that light me up when I’m having a bad day and I’m so glad to share this with the world.

To my avid readers, fans and followers, thank you for walking with me through this journey of rediscovering my passion for style.

Cheers to more consistent blog posts in the future

I’m one year old!


  1. It’s been one year already? Wow, all I got to say is congrats… wait, you deserve a big pat on your back.
    Keep going strong, you are on course… I would like to write another similar comment next year, 5 years from today, heck, 10 years later.
    I am so proud of A Thrifters’ Diary… I am honored to have been part (on a small scale) of this tremendous journey, that I can only see grow bigger.

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