My undying love for black and white is impeccable. I love how effortlessly they look when coordinated together; very simple yet sophisticated, and you know what they say… simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Zanzibar Outfits
At the slave monument in Zanzibar, the biggest slave town.

Off late, I have been adding a pop of color to my black and white combo. Usually, I lean towards Red; I just love how it pops and adds flare to the two monochromatic colors. Come to think of it, these could be my favorite colors… officially!

Wrap skirts, anyone?

Zanzibar Vintage cars

I got this skirt from ‘Think Twice’ shop. And this is after I had to literally beg a lady who had picked it first to let me have it. She said yes! Shout out to her 🙂 All this happened a while back, but I didn’t get a chance to put it on… until I went for a vacay on Zanzibar Island and voila!

I paired the Wrap Skirt with a White Crop Top, some Sandals I got from Bus Station earlier this year that I had never worn before, and lastly my beach hat ‘Lady Di Heart‘.

White Crop Top - Simplicity at its best.
White Crop Top – Simplicity at its best.
Give a girl the right sandals and she can conquer the world
Give a girl the right sandals and she can conquer the world

Lady Di Heart

Lady Di Heart... once more
…Lady Di Heart

I am totally in love with this ensemble… as I always do, but mainly because it was a combo of different pieces with different stories. Don’t you just love it when your outfits have a story? It’s what makes an outfit interesting when you put it together.

Fitting, Confident, Comfortable.

Oozing Confidence
Oozing Confidence

I loved the fitting and I was very confident in it. I can’t stress this enough… if you’re not comfortable in an outfit, then you’re throwing confidence out of the window. When choosing an outfit go with something comfortable, avoid putting on an outfit that you are uncomfortable with, no matter how good it looks your confidence level will be zero.

The Walking Comfort
The Walking Comfort

Hello Natural Hair

Enough with comfort and confidence, let’s talk about the hair. I decided to vacation with my natural hair. I was hesitant at first but I ended up liking it in the long run. This is after adding a few accessories here and there to my two strand twists.


More pics?


Outfit of the month?

What do you think of this look? Eligible for my outfit of the month? Let me know on the comments section below 😊


  1. I absolutely love it! And black and white is definitely a great combination.

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