I have a love-hate relationship with jumpsuits because at times I find them too easy to style, which makes them very handy when I’m having a little bit of trouble figuring out what to wear, or when my creativity levels are down low. And then there are times that I’m all juiced-up with creativity. That’s when I can’t stand jumpsuits. I don’t find them as a challenge to me. I love me some good challenge when it comes to outfit ensembles, although I have some days when just being easy is all I want, especially with this heat. It’s too much… lately I’m opting for loose fitting clothes. I don’t feel comfy in clinging outfits especially with the heat.

What do you normally opt for, in this hot weather??

I think palazzo, maxis, shirt dresses come in handy but for this I opted for a floral jumpsuit which is more of a culotte. As mentioned earlier jumpsuits are too easy to style, the reason being, you don’t have to look for a top or bottom to pair. You just need to accessorize especially if it’s a plain jumpsuit but for this floral one… it’s so easy.

Floral Jumpsuit For Summer
Floral Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit been way too floral hence few accessories needed so just a choker and an armlet which you can get here, a tiny belt to accentuate my waist and a pair of nude shoe which speaks volume yet  so simple. Read more about shoes here

I’m a bit conscious about having my back and arms bare, so a light chiffon scarf can be added but I decided to brace myself on this one and did it bare. The next time I’m wearing this jumpsuit probably in a cooler weather, I think I will layer it with a tee inside for my comfort to my conscious self about my back and arms; talk about versatility!!

What’s your go-to outfit for this January weather?? Please comment below 😉




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