I’m not sure how I feel about valentines and I have no reason as to why I don’t know how I feel about it.
I sometimes find valentines a bit overrated, Like why choose a day to celebrate your loved ones, why can’t you celebrate your loved ones every day, by being a great person and always grateful to them and spoiling them with gifts ….(I love gifts).

Random Thoughts

Anyway 22nd March is world water day, water is life and it makes 72% and 75%  of the earth and our human bodies respectively, but we still choose to celebrate it on that particular day despite it being a major constituent of Life.
So to say the least,14th February is a day of love and with all my random thoughts doodled up here concerning this day, This is how I choose to showcase my style on this day.
A nude wide leg jumpsuit, an Afro hair (I’m a sucker for big hair) coz why not channel my inner 60s and 70s soul. I love me some soul music which was in my mind while posing for this look and as I write this too I’m listening to Cyndi Lauper-True colours.

Valentine's outfit
Smiling through my random thoughts.

Soul music love songs are just the best, don’t you think so?

Peach Wide legged Jumpsuit
Big Hair, Don’t Care!

Nude Wide legged JumpsuitNude wide leg jumpsuit, brown slim belt with a gold buckle that matches the gold apple like buttons and color blocked heels for some color. We need color in life and Love too coz its valentines!!

Valentine's Outfit, Nude Jumpsuit.
Adding modeling to my Bio 😉

At the beginning of this post I was unsure on how I felt about Valentine’s but as I finish this post, I’m kinda easing up about it probably coz of The soul music I’m listening to and oh! My outfit.

Nude Wide legged Jumpsuit.
Gift someone this Valentine

So guys what are your thoughts on Valentines?

P.S. If you are size 6/8 you are in luck you can get this jumpsuit for your date here



  1. I love the style used for this article. So amazing! I want that jumpsuit!
    Lovely day

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