Fashion is evolutionary

My mommy gave these pants to me in high school and said to me “fashion repeats itself “. I don’t think I wore them till I got to campus, and they became my chilling pants ….used to wear them for all my shopping errands in the hood. Its like they were stuck onto my body, very comfortable and the print is amazing too.
Until last year  when I decided they are more than just “chilling errand” pants and that’s also when my sister wanted to steal them from me. So before she steals them away from me the next time she comes over, let’s enjoy this moment of celebrating my mom’s words which we all know are true “fashion repeats itself”.

You are more than just errands pants

I paired the pants with my blazer which can be worn as a blazer dress see here and a black bralette.
Have always loved bralettes but I’m too conscious about my eczema marks all over the place. Hence, the black blazer as a cover up.

Cover up
Can we not talk about my lapel

This is the typical way we style our blazers And as a lover of blazers, it’s a statement piece in an outfit ensemble.

Blazer :Thrifted Toi-
Shoes :Thrifted CBD
Bralette :Tandy Antique Closet
Pants : Mom’s


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