Yippee!!… it’s my birthday month
I think this is my first time saying that in my life, I’m not one to be excited about it.
This year is special though, I get to honor my mom’s designing skills and her legacy.

Mom’s Legacy

Blue Pant Suit
I’m my mother’s daughter!

What other better way to start my birthday month than honoring my mom’s legacy in this suit that she made.
This pant suit is life, its more than 2 decades old.  I like the pants more coz of the details, I paired it with a white crop top (one of my Best Buy’s ever) and nude heels. The blazer is more of a throw which can be  subsequently worn with other outfits- versatility is very important. I really wanted the pants suit to stand out hence the choice of nude shoes which ended up matching the seat color. 😅

Blue Pant SuitMy mother was a designer and I remember as a young kid when asked what she did I would say it in  a Kamba accent “ designer” and my cousins used to really laugh at me and ask me to say it again.
As an oldie now with no Kamba accent (I think) I seem to have followed her path unknowingly, we did the same course in campus and now I’m pursuing something different, Fashion just as she did. You know how you do stuff without putting much thought to it but you later realize Damn! This is almost the same thing my mom did, that’s the story of my life.

 My Perspective of style

As a young kid I was always conscious on what I wore, my mom and sister would get really annoyed with me coz when preparing to go somewhere I would complain the clothes aren’t in fashion or rather trending. As I’m growing to be this young lady have realized there’s more to style than just what’s trending or fashionable.
Style expresses who you are without saying it, evidently when dressing up what inspires my outfit ensemble is what I’m always feeling and what I want the ensemble to say about me.blue pant suit

I’m my mother’s daughter and I’m proud of the lady am  becoming through my moms guidance. Truly grateful.

 What do you appreciate the most about your mom, feel free to comment down below. Let’s celebrate our mothers always!!


  1. Winnie Mutuku Reply

    Did you say two decades?? Those pants!!! Well, mum nailed it! I love it!!!!

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