Previously on Layering the Shirt Dress, we wore it for an event!
This last way of styling  it (for now), is a simple way of spicing it up.
We will layer it with your perfect jeans fit and button the dress halfway. Then spruce it up with a pair of stunning heels.Shirt Dress over Pants with gold slip-onsShirt Dress over Pants with gold slip-ons
This fit is perfect for brunch or hanging out with the girls. It’s simply effortless and comfortable.
I added a black belt though it kept on shifting, depending on how you would like it, you could use it or not.Shirt Dress over Pants with gold slip-ons
What I loved about this last layering  style is its simplicity by incorporating basic wardrobe fits like the pair of jeans; and as we all agreed on the first part of  the Shirt Dress it’s a basic.Shirt Dress over Pants with gold slip-ons
With the number of Shirt Dress styles you can rock, it’s time to grab yours… 3 outfits in one, who doesn’t love versatility!!

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