I recently visited the Masai Mara and it been my first time there I was obviously excited. The first thing that came to mind was what I was going to wear. I did a bit of research on Do’s And Don’t’s of Safari outfits, where I discovered wearing bright colored clothes distract and attract animals;
Dark colored clothes attract flies especially mosquitoes.
Neutral and Earthy colors are well preferred in the jungle. So  I chose all jungle green  bottoms as for my tops they were all white. (discovered that I own a lot of white tops and I’m always leaning to white for a clean crisp look).

The first look

Well fitting body con paired with the jungle green cargo pants and a pair of boots. The pants were functional for the long drive and since it was a bit chilly.staying in the jungle, trying to see any animals lurking.The View from the room was breathtakingWatching animals from afar

Second look

Jungle green skort paired with my wildlife direct shirt from the 2019 global march. It was a whole day of safari game drive so thought I might as well spread the anti poaching message just In case someone(s) had some sinister motives.The Sunglasses came in handy , the heat was too much.

comfortable fit for a long day game drive
At the Mara Triangle

Jungle Green Skirt paired with an Anti poaching awareness tee.

The third look

Linen shirt, a jungle green behind buttoned skirt and the pair of boots from the first look and accessorized with a scarf. For this fit I wanted to seemingly feel the jungle as my home and the tented camp room was the perfect backdrop.linen white shirt shirt paired with a scarf and brown boots.Safari Outfitjungle green skirt paired with brown boots.

Most of these photos were taken before and after Safari game drives from the tent. It’s not advisable to alight from the car during game drives you might never know what is lurking.
Fun fact: If you are in the wild and a lion comes after you, don’t seek refuge on a tree, they climb too !!


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