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PoP oF CoLoR

And God said, "let there be color..." this from day one to sixth of creation. From the yellow and white lights of the first and fourth days to the blue skies and green vegetation of the second and third...
I'm a lover of black outfits just like Whoopi Goldberg, but I'll be frank, when I was putting out this outfit my aim wasn't to reflect Whoopi Goldberg, but rather, I was gearing more towards beating the odds of...
My dress is as white as snow... and I can be Snow White... the African Snow White. I really love this outfit. It's quite effortless. Just a simple white flowing dress which was too white, hence 'Snow White'. I decided...

Go Getter!!!

It reaches a point in your life when "Daddy and Mommy" cant give you everything you want and you have to get out there and do it for yourself. When that point reaches you got to dress up for it...
So, what's my main key to all my outfits? Chic and Comfort. I have this floral skirt that I hadn't worn before. Hanging in my closet, all alone, begging me to put it on. And then I remembered there...

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Concours d’Elegance

This year's theme was "Beauty and the Beast". It's My 4th time attending it, and so far I relish this and last year's, coz...

Peachie Poncho

Go Getter!!!

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